Category D1+E Licence

Again a more specialist licence (minibus and trailer), often used around airports and train stations for the transportation of under 16 passengers and their luggage. The licence is also often required for pleasure purposes as well, either way we can help.

license to pull trailer

The Category D1+E course is ideal for current Category D1 licence holders who are looking to increase their earning potential. Having a Category D1+E licence creates more opportunities, and allows you to choose from a wider range of available jobs with an increased wage.

You must be 18 years old to apply for this type of licence, attain your Cat ‘D1’ licence and have your D1+E entitlement on your licence. Unlike with the Cat ‘D1’ licence no medicals or further legislation test need to be completed.

The Training

All of HGV Training Network’s Instructors are fully qualified and trained to the best possible standards to enable them to provide you with the highest quality training experience.  To give you the best possible chance of passing your test first time our three day courses are filled with helpful tips that include: completing a daily walk around check (mirrors, gears, signalling and manoeuvring), how to use the road correctly, and details of the way the truck works, inside and out.  Our excellent courses provide our students with the confidence and knowledge of how to manage and operate such large vehicles.  Our instructors possess a wealth of knowledge; using every opportunity to learn from them will increase your chances of passing your test.

Day three is typically when it will be time for the test. You will have been given opportunity throughout the course to drive the common test routes and by this time should be familiar and confident with the roads.  As the tests are run independently by the DVSA, our team has no influence on the results.  However, all of our course instructors are experienced with the tests and will provide you with all the guidance and preparation you need to ensure the best possible chance of success at the first attempt.  We firmly believe that going into the test with a confident attitude will give you the best possible chance of passing first time; listening to your instructors advice will put you in the best possible position for this to happen. 

We have over 30 Specific PCV training location in the UK check our site map for your closest test centre.

Pass Protection 

Our Pass Protection Policy gives you an extra attempt to pass the test even if you fail, this can alleviate some of the pressure when taking your test.  

CPC Qualification

CPC certification is now legally required for all professional drivers who hold Category D1+E licences. You will always have to complete an Initial CPC course to drive professionally at first, and then top it up every five years with the Periodic CPC course. However if it is for pleasure only, then no CPC is required.

Take our quick test to see what CPC you will require?  take cpc test

Getting a job

with the demand for drivers being at a all time high, now that you have passed finding work should be easy. once you have passed our secialist team will help you arrange interview with any companies that have asked us to help them find drivers or alternatively you chose to use our job finder link to start the search now. there are 1000's of jobs currently available all over the country.

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