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Don't Struggle to find drivers, train them!

With current driver shortages at an all time high, there has never been a greater struggle to fill driving positions.  This has forced companies into training their own drivers and tying them down to contracts to fill positions; we have found, companies no longer want to rely on receiving large quantities of applications – it’s not cost or time efficient.

Get in-line with the Legislation!

Over one hundred training sites across the UK ensure that we are able to take care of companies with numerous sites across the UK and a nationwide operation.

We offer a broad range of training courses including:Category C, Category C+E, Category C1 and Category C1+E (as well as all aspects of PCV Training).  To ensure all drivers are trained up to date we offer on going CPC Periodic Renewal Training Packages, from every 5 years to one day a year Periodic Training Packages. Drivers can also be trained in all aspects of the Haulage Industry – including Transport Manager CPC Training.

We have the capacity to train a whole fleet of drivers, anything from 1 – 100.  This will not only guarantee that you fill vacancies, but also ensure you gain a more loyal workforce trained from within.

Why train existing staff?

There are many benefits when training new drivers from existing staff or promoting current workers to become drivers; it rewards loyalty and increases morale by showing that progression is possible,it also ensures that the staff you are training are already familiar with your company ethos.

Training current drivers also has huge benefits, as well as all of the above: 

-drivers have increased skill and confidence – inevitably leading to a reduction in accidents; 

-drivers are taught fuel efficient driving techniques to help reduce running costs; 

-drivers can also be regularly assessed to guarantee they are familiar with the standards expected -this contributes to a reduction in accidents; 

-Regulatory Compliance Training helps reduce fines and penalties.

In order to grant you the ability to keep track of the progress of your whole team we provide a Reporting System to the Transport Manager.  We can also deal directly with your driver and assign them their own Personal Training Advisor.  This relieves the stress and tedium of the procedure and allows you to place your energy and concentration fully on your business!

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