CPC Initial

The CPC initial is primarily two parts, Module 2 and Module 4.

student on CPC course

Initial Driver CPC Training

New drivers will complete their initial Driver CPC training as part of their category C1, C1E, C, D1 or D training.
It might seem like a lot to learn but you should have completed Module 1 and Module 3 when you passed your HGV or PCV test.
So if you already have a licence? then you only need to complete mod 2 and mod 4 to get your DQC card.

To obtain the CPC, you will need to pass all of the following modules:

Module 2

50 multi choice questions based on 7 different scenarios. The scenarios are designed to reflect situations a professional PCV or LGV driver will encounter in his or her working life. Must get at least 40 answers correct to be awarded a pass. Use our CPC theory training software to practice the theory test before you take it.

Module 4

Practical Demonstration exam. No driving is required for this part but we will provide a suitable vehicle to demonstrate your answers. It’s all about what a driver does whilst not driving.

This may include checking the vehicle is not incorrectly loaded or overloaded, securing a load with the correct restraining devices, checking a vehicle is safe and in good working order before taking it on the public highway.  Please view our Module 4 cheat sheet for help before you take the test.

On completion of all modules drivers will be issued with their initial DQC which is valid for 5 years. Within that 5 years and every 5 years thereafter drivers will then become subject to periodic Driver CPC training, i.e. 35 hours every 5 years.

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