HIAB & ADR Training

HIAB Training & ADR Driver Training Courses. If you already have a HGV licence there are additions to the licence you can take to enhance your earning potential massively.

HIAB and ADR training courses

Increase your earning potential

If you are thinking of really making yourself stand out ahead of other drivers, is to add something else to your skill-set.
Potential earnings with some additional licences can be as high as £45k+ p/a.

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More Strings to your bow

The more strings you have to your bow the more potential earning power you will have. This is also the case with a Lorry Loader licence and the ADR licence. If you don’t have the licence you cannot apply for the jobs. Drivers that have these licences should expect to earn anything from 25% - 40% more in salary than a driver who does not have the licence. Don’t take our word for it: do a search for HGV drivers with HIAB or ADR licences (job search), and see what sort of money is on offer. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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