Horsebox Training

We are well known for our exceptional Horsebox Licence Training Courses. We provide the Equine industry with the most efficient and best Horsebox Licence Training in the UK.

Horsebox Training

We provide intensive one-to-one training courses that enable drivers to tow or drive a horse box safely and competently on the road. Regardless of the type of vehicle you wish to drive or tow it is always advisable to have professional training especially transporting your horses for events or for just pleasure. We offer three options which are designed to help you get out on the road with your beloved horses.

Three options

There are 3 licences that are commonly used in the equine industry. Category B+E, Category C1 and Category C.                                                                

Category B+E (Car & Trailer Licence)

This is the most basic of licences for anyone looking to transport horses. This licence is usually towed behind a van or a car, Category B+E. This course can be completed in three days. We supply all of the tools and equipment needed to pass this course.

Category C1 (7.5 Ton Licence)

The Category C1 is a larger vehicle but most candidates say is much easier to train on than the B+E. This is because the vehicle is all one single unit and handles very similar to a car. The Category C1 licence enables you to drive a vehicle fully loaded up to 7.5 Ton. The course can be completed in just 5 days and is a very popular licence to take. Many people of a certain age will have this licence automatically from passing their car test before 1997! Call us to see if you have this entitlement already. 

Category C (Above 7.5 Ton) 

This is the largest horsebox and requires you to drive over 7.5T. Most candidates will do this training on the Category C Licence as it is the same cost and the same process as completing a Category C1.

By obtaining this licence you can also drive anything below. This provides any person with horses to transport up to 20 horses! We also tend to find that buying a vehicle over 7.5 Ton is remarkably cheaper than buying a 7.5 Toner or smaller!

Horsebox Licence Training

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