Pass Protection

Who wouldn’t like to be rest assured of passing exams? The very feeling of not being able to pass any test runs a shiver down your spine! Do you want to ensure that you pass your driving tests?

What is Pass Protection?

Nobody can be sure of passing the tests but by following our preventive measure, you are sure to save money should the worst happen.

Pass protection – as the name suggests, it is a process of safeguarding your success with the driving tests and license acquisition. Depending on the course you decide to take, this will give you an extra attempt to pass your driving test. 

How does it work?

If you fail the practical part of the test, the pass protection entitles you to an additional retest. Each retest comes with an additional 2 hours of driving before you retake the test. Giving you enough time to work on what you didn't get right first time round. The pass protection does not cover retest fees for the theory parts of the test.

Provided the vehicle you took your test with is still available you will resit the test in the same vehicle, and where requested the same instructor for the 2 extra hours prior to the test.

By having Pass Protection we are able to obtain earlier retest dates, so that the training is still fresh in your mind.

The Pass Protection can be used with either HGV or PCV training courses.

Pass Protection is ensuring your chance of success in HGV or PCV and tests.

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