Transport Manager

The Transport Manager CPC is a legal requirement of the operator licensing system for both Standard National and International licences. Someone in your company requires the CPC Licence if you run a business with more than 1 Cat C or Cat D vehicle.

Transport Manager CPC Training

Transport Manager CPC

This qualification is offered on behalf of the Department for Transport and in relation to the current EU Directive. It is suitable for those wishing to enter the profession of Road Haulage Transport Management or demonstrate professional competence to meet the Operator Licensing requirements.

What is a Transport Manager CPC & why do I need one?

Applicants for a Goods Vehicle Operator's Licence must show that they are 'professionally competent' or that they employ a transport manager who meets the requirements. Persons will be considered 'professionally competent' by passing the examination for the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) conducted by OCR Examinations on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT).

Why do I need a CPC?

Applicants for a Standard National or International Operators Licence must show that they are "professionally competent" or that they employ a transport manager who meets the requirements. Persons will be considered “professionally competent" by passing the examination for the Certificate of Professional Competence (C PC) set by OC R Examinations on behalf of the Department for Transport.

Course Content

-Introduction/ Business & Company Law / Industrial Relations / Health & Safety

-Financial Management / Commercial Conduct / Marketing / Business Taxation

-Vehicle Selection / Operator Licensing / VED / Insurance / Transport Ancillaries & Contracts of Carriage

-Maintenance Planning / Economic Vehicle Usage / Weights & Dimensions of Vehicle Loads

-Drivers Hours / Working Time Regulations / Driver Records / Traffic Accident Procedure

-Safe Loading & Transit of Goods / Driver Licensing / Periodic Training / Electronic Data / Case Studies

-Insurance & CMR / Plating & Testing / Fleet Inspection/ Traffic Regulations

The course JAUPT Approved and the course contains 35 hours of JAUPT Approved Driver CPC Training. 

When do exams take place?

The CPC exams take place four times each year, always on Fridays in March, June, September & December. Exams are available at various locations across the UK.

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